The Old Castle Band re-united

Recorded March 6th 2020, at Tamworth Folk Club by Malcolm Robinson.
Our grateful thanks for his dedicated work.



Part 1 Old Castle Band re-united 'It's good to see you' and 'Home Boys Home'




Part 2. 'Botany Bay' and 'Nancy's Whisky'
Bobby Bull sings Botany Bay and Pete Backen sings Nancy's Whiskey with deep feeling.




Part 3. 'Monologue', 'Dirty Old Town', 'McPherson's Lament'
Hear Mike Hadley's very unique gift for monologues followed by Bobby Bulls rendition of 'Dirty Old Town'. Finishing the set, our very own Gibralatarian, Scots renegade, Nick 'eloquent' Dalmedo 




Part 4. 'Jock O' Hazledean'
Jim Ritchie and his unique and soulful rendering of 'Jock o' Hazledean'.




Part 5. 'Santa Anna' and 'The Diamond'
Bobby Bull with his favourite version of 'Santa Anna' followed by John Davies singing 'The Diamond'.




Part 6. 'Sam Hall', 'Monologue' 'You Ain't Goin' Nowhere'
Bobby Bull singing 'Sam Hall' ably assisted by the wonderful and irrepressible humour of Jim Smith. Another discreet? monologue from Mike, followed by our very own Nick lamenting about another famous, but well hung Scot, Mcpherson. Always on the fiddle.




Part 7. 'Balina’ & 'Rare Old Times'
Jim Ritchie with a rousing and tuneful song of pride from the days of sail in Dundee, 'The Balina'.
Watch for the carefully crafted guitar solo at the end of each verse and Jim Smith's amazement at the results!
Bob sings a poignant song of the disappearance of the landmarks of old Dublin, 'The Rare old Times'. One of our all time favourites from the glory days of the Gamecock pub in Birchmoor.




Part 8 'I see the Moon' and 'Crooked jack'
Pete Backen sings one of his favourite love songs; 'I see the Moon'.
Enough to turn any girls head.
Bobby Bull performs a song very close to his heart about the Irish building worker, 'Crooked Jack'. As he remarks, it reminds him of when he used to 'work' in the building trade




Part 9 'Mal '& 'Wild Colonial Boy'
Jim Ritchie & his articulate presentation of a railway train announcer called 'Mal'. Amazing!
Nick Dalmedo recounts the thrilling tale of 'The Wild Colonial Boy' , who fell foul of the Australian authorities and met his just end!




Part 10 Coming towards the end of a tiring session for these elderly gentlemen and the strain starts to tell!
(We're talking about the band here, not the audience!).
Bobby performs one of his favourite Belfast street songs, always guaranteed to liven up the audience and Pete takes the band to a conclusion with 'the tunes'!


Commentary by John Davies


Tamworth Folk Club -A Brief History

Formed by the founders, Bobby Bull & Bill Aldrych, it's first venue was the White Hart in Hurley. For some time, Bob and friends had met bi-annually on a 'Boys camp' where much enjoyable singing was done in various venues (pubs). It was a desire to re-create this enjoyment on our home turf, that formed the basis for the getting together of like minded people.

Other venues followed, including the Jolly Sailor, but the most notable was the Gamecock at Birchmoor, just outside Tamworth, where the club enjoyed many years of good music, fun, entertainment and friendship.

Watch this video that captures the glory days of the club, narrated by those veteran 'groupies' John Donaldson & Ray 'keyboard' Clare. They say that if you can remember the sixties, you weren't there. If you can remember the gamecock, then you know how lucky you were to be there.

Compiled and produced by Malcolm Robinson with material recorded from 2005 - 2006 at the Gamecock Inn, Birchmoor, Staffs. We would like to place on record our thanks for the work he's put in to help save these unique and precious moments in the clubs' history.